This widget includes four basic baseline models: Global average, User average, Item average and User-Item baseline.



  • Data

    Data set.

  • Preprocessor

    Preprocessed data.


  • Learner

    The selected learner in the widget.

  • Predictor

    Trained recommender. Signal Predictor sends the output signal only if input Data is present.


  • Global average:

    Computes the average of all ratings and use it to make predictions.

  • User average:

    Takes the average rating value of a user to make predictions.

  • Item average:

    Takes the average rating value of an item to make predictions.

  • User-Item baseline:

    Takes the bias of users and items plus the global average to make predictions.


Below is a simple workflow showing how to use both the Predictor and the Learner output. For the Predictor we input the prediction model into Predictions widget and view the results in Data Table. For Learner we can compare different learners in Test&Score widget.